CSA Membership and Licensing Policy

All riders taking part in CYCLINGSA sanctioned events are required to be a Member of CYCLINGSA for the year in which the race takes place, or alternatively to have a valid day license for every day of participation. Membership or a day license is a race entry requirement and is thus a prerequisite to enter a race.



Everyone must join CYCLINGSA as a member. It is not necessary for CSA Members to belong to a club, but members which apply/upgrade their CSA Memberships to Domestic Racing Licenses need to belong to a registered cycling club. Once you are a member, you can upgrade to a Domestic Racing License. Or you can take a day license for every day you race


  • CSA Membership - R150.00 (Compulsory Fee)
  • Domestic Racing License - R350.00
  • Day License - R35.00 (only applicable if you aren't a member of CyclingSA)
  • Provincial Levies Compulsory - Various Provincial Levies are listed below

CSA Membership:

A membership of Cycling SA costs R150.00 per year. 2016 CSA Membership will be valid for 12 months. (Renewable on date of anniversary). It is not necessary for CSA Members to belong to a club, but members which apply/upgrade their CSA Memberships to Domestic Racing Licenses need to belong to a registered cycling club.

A membership holder is entitled to enter any event, irrespective of discipline, without having to purchase a day license. A member is allowed to participate in a national series event, but will not be eligible for national or provincial selection. A membership of Cycling SA is the most basic form of license and is an agreement of the rider to abide by the rules of the event in which they participate.

Breakdown of 2016 CSA Membership Fee:

  • CSA Membership                        R83.00
  • Group Insurance Cover                R45.00
  • Road Cover                                R12.00
  • Rewards Card                             R10.00

R45.00 Group Insurance Cover:

  • Medical Insurance through Hollard
  • Road Cover will facilitate claims for any injuries during training and racing, against the Road Accident Fund
  • Policy covers all commissaires (who are members) who sustain any medical conditions whilst officiating at sanctioned cycling races.

Domestic Racing License:

This category of license is for riders from the age of 17-years-old who wish to be eligible for provincial and national selection and respective colours award. The bearer of a full license is entitled to partake in national championships or series races and be seeded accordingly. Those of who race in the UCI categories (Junior, U23 and Elite) earn UCI points, which will assist them in being seeded at future UCI category events, world cups and championships.

The cost of a full racing license is an additional R350 per year, and can only be bought once you have CSA membership. The applicant has to be member of an affiliated club, as well as be a registered member of Cycling SA (Have an active CSA Membership). These can be done simultaneously on the CYCLING SA Member Management System. A license card will be issued and posted to you. (Please ensure that your postal address details are correct on your profile).

There are no Youth Racing Licenses. All riders over the age of 16 require a domestic racing license should they wish to compete in Nationals, UCI events or get National Colours. Youth riders (U16) are only required to become members and will receive all the benefits of a Domestic Racing License.

Day License:

The Day-license is designed to allow the absolute newcomers of the sport to participate within the rules and regulations of the sport. These participants, who do not hold a full license or membership, need to purchase a day license. By purchasing a day license the rider agrees to participate in the event and abide with the rules of the event and those of Cycling SA for that day. A day license costs R35.00 and is only valid for one day.

Provincial Levy:

The provinces charge an additional levy to assist with the development and running of the provincial structures. These levies vary from province to province. Your province, which is made up of the clubs, will provide the information as to what and how these funds are utilised within your province, as these are determined by the input from clubs at regional and provincial meetings.

Various Provincial Levies:

  • Gauteng Central --> R75
  • Gauteng North --> R50
  • KwaZulu-Natal --> R50
  • East Rand - Gauteng --> R50
  • Free State --> R75
  • Eastern Province --> R50
  • North West --> R75
  • Limpopo --> R50
  • Mogale (West Rand) -- R50
  • Mpumalanga --> R25
  • Northern Cape --> R50
  • Southern Gauteng --> R75
  • Western Cape --> R25